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Cartridges Needle II-2

II-2 Needle Cartridge (with Membrane)

· II-2 Needle Cartridge are manufactured with the highest quality control in the industry.

· 316L Stainless Steel Needles - Medical Plastic Cartridge Tips

· Cartridges are sealed with Membrane.

· II-2 cartridge has less tension than other needle cartridges on the market.

This allows the artist to achieve higher speeds with less voltage.

· The Flat cartridges has slightly curved tips, so that you can use the edges of the Magnums more effectively.It works great with Curved and Straight Magnums.

· The cartridges made and assembled in the most hygienic condition.

· 100% sterilized by E.O. Gas. -- you can send some to Lab to verify at any time at any lot !

· OEM services for all specifications and custom printed boxes are available.