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Our Price:$ B Disposable tubes


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Product Details

1 inch=25MM,9/8 inch=30MM

Sold by BOX OF 20PCS/15PCS

Clear Tips allow artists to view your needles and colors easily. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

We have:
Flat Tips (FT=Flat)
Diamond Tips (VT=Diamond)
Round Tips (RT=Round)

Features Included are:

  • Thinner Profile Tip ---Minizes the distance between the needle and the skin for more precise artwork.
  • Knurled tip design ---- Make sure the grips will not slip in tattooing.
  • Precision tip size ---- Create more precise artwork.

Made from medical grade rubber
Each tube is sterilized with a date stamped marking on the back.
They are all individually blister packed and sterilized for single use.

Official Website:www.gordontattoosupply.com